Posted by: marymarthatours | January 28, 2015

My Barbara B. Snyder Lancaster Quilt

Last November, we went to Pennsylvania to visit family. We spent several days in the Lancaster area. I would have loved visiting the Lancaster Quilt Museum again but sadly it has closed. My husband and I were there in December of 2010. Check out the blog posting of March 11, 2011.


On that 2011 visit, I fell in love with the 1880 Barbara Bucher Snyder quilt which is the center quilt in the photo of the three small block sampler quilts. I later learned that there is a pattern available for this quilt of 73, 4 ½ inch blocks set on point with two saw tooth borders. I purchased the pattern called, A Mother’s Gift, from Sentimental Stitches on line ( It is made using the paper piecing technique which I very must enjoy. Below is the quilt I made –


Six ladies joined me in a small group to make the blocks for this quilt. I was the only one with the goal of replicating the original quilt. I purchased the main fabrics for my quilt in Lancaster County. It was difficult to find reproduction yellow fabrics, so many of the yellow prints in my quilt are actual antique fabrics. Linda Rech, my favorite long arm quilter, replicated the hand quilting in machine quilting and now I own a replica of the quilt I fell in love with in 2010. I never would have imagined as I viewed the original quilt in December 2010 that I would one day make and own this beautiful quilt.


Last summer the judges at our county fair had some interesting comments about my quilt: “the binding does not have mitered corners and the colors are too jarring”. The binding on my quilt is done as it would have been constructed in 1880 not 2014, and the colors match the original. What did they not understand about “replica”.


I have recently discovered that Ann Parsons Holte has created patterns for the diamond sample quilt ( Her book, Making The Lancaster Diamond Sampler, is very well written, starting with the easiest blocks and progressing to the most difficult. I have the book. Will I make this one? I now say, “maybe a few blocks”, but don’t be surprised if you see it done in a couple years.

What am I working on now along with the six others in the MVP’s (Monday Vintage Piecers)? I used to say, “I will never make a Dear Jane quilt with all those little, fussy blocks.” Ha, I am making 111 of the 169 square Dear Jane blocks for a twin bed size quilt. I am avoiding both the hardest and easiest blocks. After the Snyder quilt, the Dear Jane 4 ½ inch blocks are very manageable and loads of fun to make. Read more about the Dear Jane Quilt here.



  1. Beautiful! I love the colors. It is an heirloom quilt to be sure.

  2. Martha, I love your postings and being one of the MVPs is even better!

  3. I remember when this quilt was at the fair. I didn’t think it got the kudos it deserves — you made a masterpiece!

  4. Thank you all for the comments. This quilt, while a bit of a challenge, was a blast to make. I have discovered that I would rather make many different, small, complex blocks than all the same, large blocks.

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