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The Marvelous Mouse Mansion – Amsterdam

If I were a miniaturist, I would go to Amsterdam just to see this incredible doll’s house in person. Even though I’m not a miniaturist, I did make a point of getting to the Amsterdam Library to see this most amazing doll house while I was there as part of my October cruise travels.

When I did some pre trip Amsterdam research looking for places to eat near our hotel, I discovered the Amsterdam Central Library (Openbare Biblitheek). The pictures on the Trip Advisor site enticed me to put this on our “to see list” for several reasons: new architecture, interior art work, enchanting children’s area, top floor buffet restaurant with great view of central Amsterdam and the Mouse Mansion. There were few tourists here when we visited for a couple hours for exploring and dinner. They were probably standing in the long lines at the “popular” attractions.

Amsterdam Central Library ExteriorAmsterdam Central Library

The Mouse Mansion was built by Karina Schaapman, the author of The Mouse Mansion children’s books. There must be over a hundred rooms in this ten foot tall, four sided, whimsical, tilted building. Karina uses photographs of some of the rooms in the series of books about the adventures of Sam and Julia, a brother and sister pair of mice, who live in this house. The size of the house stopped growing when Karina reached the maximum size that would fit the room in which she was building. The mansion was moved to the new library so that children of all ages could see and enjoy the house where Sam and Julia live.

The Mouse Museum

The photos I took of the entire structure didn’t take very well because of the reflection off the glass/plexi cover. Close up pictures of various rooms show some of the details. I love the sewing room and the dining room where you can figure out the religion of the mouse owners. See what clues you can spot.

The Mouse MuseumThe Mouse MuseumThe Mouse MuseumThe Mouse Museum

Karina used a variety of materials and “found objects” to create furnishings. It is a huge project. It took her a year to work out a mouse pattern and there are masses of them throughout the mansion.

I asked a librarian if the children’s books have been translated into English. Yes, just recently, so you miniaturists and lovers of whimsy can purchase and read them. She gave me an English language booklet about the creation of the mansion and an extra one for my miniaturist sister. I expressed how thrilled I was and she gave me a small Golden Book, Het Muizenhuis, with the story in Dutch about the feast to celebrate the coronation of the new king of The Netherlands.

The Central Library may not be on many tourist’s list of places to visit, but it is on my list of “return for another visit”.

(by Martha)



  1. Wonderful read.  Love the Mouse Mansion! Linda

  2. If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge and you can see the details better. Woulcn’t it be fun to shrink down and explore inside the house with the mice. Enjoy, Martha

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