Posted by: marymarthatours | September 19, 2014

Scotland remains in the United Kingdom

Flag_of_Scotland.svg   Union Jack

A potential WIN-WIN-WIN for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England as well

By a 55-45% majority, the people of Scotland (about 85% of registered voters) have chosen to remain a part of the United Kingdom.  How much the last-minute promises of increased powers for Scotland influenced voters to put their check marks on “NO” isn’t known.  But what is known, is that the makers of those promises, from the British Prime Minister on down, will be held to account to produce new tax and welfare powers for Scotland and produce it rapidly.

In this, the voters of Scotland, both those for and opposed to Independence, can claim a victory for the Scottish people.  And the victory of more local authority and control has not been won for Scotland alone, as even Prime Minister Cameron now admits.  Because any reforms set in place for Scotland will also be expected in Wales and Northern Ireland.  And, as several commentators on Scottish television said last night, those reforms will also have an impact on what one reporter called “the elephant in the room”, England itself.  Tired of being governed in great extent by the central government in London, areas of England, notably Cornwall, are also calling for more local authority.

I’ll leave the question of whether to rush into plans for further devolution or to proceed more slowly with a complete overhaul of the centralized government into a more federal model to the British people.  I personally don’t hold out much hope for British politicians being any more willing to move on issues effecting their power than American ones.  But it was thrilling to see in the Scottish Independence Referendum what a motivated population of people can accomplish.

The Wallace and Liska households will be lifting a wee dram this evening to the people of Scotland and to Scottish people everywhere.

(by Mary)



  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Mary – I can hold my head up high again as I am not an illegal immigrant today! I am so glad that the population voted for a United Kingdom!
    Slàinte mhath!


  3. Salute to Scotland. A major decisive event for England (UK) and Scotland that this time was not bloody (Yanks, check the pun).

  4. I already heard accusations of fraudulent counting !

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