Posted by: marymarthatours | February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Darren


Happy Birthday to Darren, our favorite English Coach driver

Darren, who drives for Bullocks Coaches out of Manchester, England, has been our driver for our last two UK tours, the 2012 Miniatures Tour and the 2013 Quilt and Textile Tour.  We are delighted that Darren will be our driver once again for the upcoming Spring Gardens of Cornwall and Devon Tour, April 26-May 10, 2014.

Not only is Darren a capable and courteous driver, but he is a favorite with our travelers.  He loves to get to know the tour members and to spend time with them – at pre-dinner beverage time, at dinners, and even on his official day off.  He was an immense help to us when one of our travelers had a medical emergency in Penrith on the Miniatures Tour.  He even “stood in” for my husband to help celebrate my wedding anniversary dinner in Wales last year.  We’re looking forward to another fun tour with our #1 driver in 2014..


Anniversary flowers from my hubby and dinner with Darren

So from Mary and Martha, and all your past and future travelers,




  1. Happy Birthday, Darren. From personal experience, I can readily testify to the fact that Darren is a special driver … the very best I’ve had in many travels around the globe.

  2. Happy Birthday, Darren. Celebrate yourself and the wonderful man that you are. You were a fabulous coach driver and became a “friend” as we traveled thru England.

  3. Happy Birthday Darren and many more. It is so nice to see your smiling, friendly face. Best Wishes, Marcia

  4. Hi Darren, Happy B’day!!! It won’t be long now before “we meet again”. This tour you will meet the #1 man in my life. You won’t be the lone fellow with all the ladies. Cheers to you, Martha

  5. Those of us who were able to join Martha yesterday for our reunion had a great time remembering the fun experiences of England and Wales, especially the friendships we made. Quilters seems to be the nicest people in the world, and lots of fun to travel with. Of course, photographers fit right in with us, sharing our love of design, color, creativity and craftsmanship. Rave reviews to Martha and Mary for all the hard work and organization behind the scenes, as well as their spirit of adventure and just plain, old-fashioned fun. I hope we can get together again.

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