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Burrow Farm Gardens in Devon, England

Next April, as we make our way from Salisbury to Cornwall, we will stop at Burrow Farm Gardens, the first of the gardens in Devon on our Spring Gardens of Cornwall and Devon Tour itinerary.  I think our travelers will be delighted with this garden, because it is the type of site that has been a high spot on previous tours.

bfg4, website, OK

The Devonshire countryside from Burrow Farm Gardens

Like The Manor House garden of Rosamund and John Wallinger, which we visited on our 2007 tour, and Mill Dene Garden, created by Wendy Dare, on this year’s tour, Burrow Farm Gardens is a private garden, created and tended by the couple who still live there, Mary and John Benger.  Mary and John moved to Burrow Farm in 1959 and established a dairy farm.  By the mid-1960’s Mary wanted some space for a garden and decided to reclaim an abandoned clay pit which was covered in weeds.  Starting with £15 and a vision, Mary turned this unproductive area (in farming terms) into a lush jungle known today as the Woodland Garden.

bfg5, website, OK

Walkway to the Woodland Garden

Little by little, Mary carved garden space from the farm fields, and today ten acres are devoted to the gardens that make up Burrow Farm Gardens.  In addition to the Woodland Garden, there are cottage and terrace style gardens, a pergola walk, and the Millenium Garden added in 2000.  For our springtime visit, the Woodland Garden in the old clay pit and the Azalea Garden should be lovely.  And best of all, Mary herself will be our garden guide, sharing her story and her enthusiasm, and inspiring us all.

MilleniumGarden, website, OK

The Millenium Garden

azalea glade, website, OK

The Azalea Glade in spring

 We’ll be at Burrow Farm Gardens for our lunch that day and will get a chance to sit on the terrace of the tea rooms with soup or sandwiches and enjoy the views over the Devon countryside.  I don’t know about the rest of the group, but I for one will also be enjoying this tour’s first real Devonshire cream on a scone.

bfg tea room, website, OK

If you would like to join us at Burrow Farm Gardens and all the other beautiful and diverse gardens on the 2014 tour, click here for the brochure and registration form.  We’d love to have you join us.

(by Mary)

Photo credits:  All photos are from the Burrow Farm Gardens website,, and are used with permission from Mary Benger.


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