Posted by: marymarthatours | November 28, 2012

A Trip Without Flooding or Blizzard

Ha, Ha, Collie and I have bucked the curse. We traveled to Minnesota to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my sister Mary, her husband  Jess, and their family. And the weather was gorgeous, no rain, no snow (OK, a trace of flurries), blue skies and even some record high temperatures. In the meantime, it was very wet back home in Washington and flooding in the UK.

High on Collie’s to-do list was an over night jaunt to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to visit the recently reopened National Czech and Slovak Museum. We last visited there in July 2011 when the museum was literally being moved. The site had been badly damaged in the 2008 flood. Rather than demolishing the museum and rebuilding, it was decided to move the huge building and elevate it on top of a full story foundation. It is the largest building ever moved in one piece.


The National Czech & Slovak Museum, Cedar Rapids, IA

The reopening star exhibit is a showing of works by Alphonse Mucha, a Czech artist. The works are on loan from the Mucha Foundation located in Prague. Mary shared a blog posting about this exhibit. Collie and I have seen works by Mucha in Prague and other Czech cities. We were pleased to see many items for the first time at the Cedar Rapids museum.

The other seasonal exhibit at the museum is a fun and informative collection from the St. Nicholas Center located in Holland Michigan titled, “Discover the Truth about Saint Nicholas”. And we also made a point of having lunch at the nearby Sykora Bakery and exploring the antique mall full of Czech and Slovak items. We each found a couple little treasures; for me some vintage fabric and a 1931 Pastime puzzle with figural pieces.

clip_image004 clip_image006

Back in Rochester, we began to make preparations for the family Thanksgiving feast. I brought a couple of recipes from Washington. And there is only one turkey stuffing recipe used by the Wallace and Liska families; it’s “Mother’s Stuffing”. The kitchen was a buzz with activity. Lindsay made a fabulous vegetable dish, Justin fixed the mashed potatoes, Jess masterfully carved the bird, and I made the gravy. Many thanks to Bill and Sheri who did the “washing up” (an English term).

clip_image008 clip_image010 clip_image012

Mary and I spend time together working on some tasks for the Quilt and Textile Tour for next September. Our next blog posting will tell all about the tour with a download of the brochure and registration form.

(by Martha)


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