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The Girls and Their Dolls

For Christmas last year we gave our three granddaughters a future outing to the American Girl Doll store north of Seattle. They waited a long time to “cash in” on that Christmas gift. In mid June, the five Liska girls, Michael, Ryanne and Shaun, their mother Tamara, and I had a delightful Saturday together.


Ryanne, Michael and Shaun on the way to the American Girl Store

Through the years I have sewn doll clothes and quilts for their various American Girl dolls. And years ago I make a suitcase full of clothes for my own Molly doll. The granddaughters are well acquainted with the American Girl dolls from various time periods in American history. Ryanne, now age almost seven, has always loved playing with dolls. She marches to a different beat because she has never liked watching TV. No kidding, when the TV is on, she is off playing or now reading. She does not watch TV, ever. And Shaun at age two adores her Bitty Baby doll and perhaps is the biggest doll lover of the three. Don’t tell her, but for Ryanne’s birthday in September, I have made a pink, of course, dress for her and a matching dress for her doll.


Here we are at last

So off we went to the American Girl Doll store. The three little girls and grandma took our dressed up dolls with us. The little girls were delightful to watch at the store. Michael knew just what she wanted to purchase with her Christmas store “money”. She choose a couple of dresses to try on, and we all agreed on the one she picked. She also got a cute hair piece to match.


Mom approves of Michael’s dress and Shaun’s makes her pick

Ryanne had a bit of a challenge deciding on just what to pick. In the end it was a couple of things, a soccer set (no surprise, Mom was goalie on the WSU soccer team) and a play set for broken bones and injuries. Hum, is there a connection between playing soccer and broken bones? Shaun played with many different things as we watched to see what the two year old seemed to most like. Then she spotted something herself and loudly said, “Oh, a potty chair.” Mom was quite pleased, so Shaun ended up with potty, diapers, and toilet items to train her baby doll. Good pick, Shaun. And my Molly got some new black Mary Jane shoes. She was very happy to go along to the store.


After our purchases, we were off to a yummy hamburger joint for burgers, fries, sodas and shakes. One little one slept a bit on the long ride home and another began to play with her new items. We were all very happy with our purchases and lunch. I was thrilled to have Tamara drive. Tamara suggested we do this again for another Christmas gift. It was a success all around and especially because the children were so beautifully behaved and they made the event such a joy. Even the store personnel complimented them; their mother beamed. Isn’t it great to be a grandmother, I thought. I love to treasure such memories.

Martha’s doll Molly with her new shoes

(by Martha)



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