Posted by: marymarthatours | March 8, 2012

Mini-Chairs Raise Money for Boys & Girls Club

The 10 annual Rochester Boys & Girls Club “Chair Affair” fundraiser was held on Saturday evening, Feb. 25, 2012. You can read about our project to create mini-chair works of art for the event here.  We are delighted to report that our 15 mini-chair creations raised over $900 to be used for programming.

The event theme was a masquerade ball, and attendees were encouraged to wear fancy dress and masks. Eight of the mini-chair artisans attended. Here are six of us in all our finery.


The chairs were displayed together for the silent auction part of the event. I stood nearby to check on the bidding progress and smiled at every appreciative comment that I overheard. 

clip_image002[7]    clip_image004[5]






Kathy’s chair, “The Tooth Fairy’s Day Off”, was the big moneymaker with a final bid of $105. I think that the flashing of the Tooth Fairy’s GPS, a small light, helped guide bidders to her bid sheet.







We were all disappointed that my very favorite of  all the mini-chairs, Lora’s “Old Sparky”, was removed from the auction as “not appropriate”. “Not appropriate for whom?” was my question, as there were no young children present at the event, and adults would have appreciated the humor. But, although I agree that it was the right of the Boys & Girls Club to choose not to put the chair in the auction, I think it was a shortsighted decision. That chair would have gone for BIG BUCKS.


We had a wonderful time using our talents to benefit our community. We’re now thinking about what group we can support next.

(by Mary)


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