Posted by: marymarthatours | June 18, 2011

Possible British Quilt and Textile Tour in 2013

My sister Martha is a quilter. A very accomplished one. She was recently asked to be a “Featured Quilter” at the Feb. 2012 Quilt Show in Olympia, WA. Her masterpiece (in my opinion) hangs in my front hallway. It is her tribute to one of our gardening heroines, Gertrude Jekyll.


Quilters have participated in every tour that we have led to England, Scotland, and Ireland. We have tried to include special sights for them and to find fabric shops along our way. However, all of those previous tours have focused primarily on gardens. Now we would like to design and offer a tour which would highlight the quilts and textiles of Britain, especially for quilters and other fabric artists.

We have begun to put together a list of all the possible locations that we could visit. The list is huge — we might have to do TWO tours, one to the north and one to the south. Here are some of the possibilities:

In London:

In Bath:

In Wales:

In York:

  • Quilt Museum and Gallery
  • The York Minister, for needlework
  • Many fabric, needlework, and yarn shops
  • Ripon Cathedral, the Millennium Cushions (see our 6-8-11 blog)
  • Castle Howard, for May Morris embroideries in the chapel

In northern England:

Quilt Shows:

These locations are all over the British map and are too far apart to be included in one trip. We can design a tour with your preferences for destinations and places to stay. For example, if the Birmingham show is tops on your list, we could fly into Birmingham and then head directly to Wales for two or three nights near Lampeter. Then we’d travel to Bath for another few nights before moving on to London for three or four nights. Finally, we’d return to the Birmingham area for several nights with plenty of time to spend at the Festival of Quilts show.

Another itinerary could take a more northerly track with stays of several nights in the English Lake District, Durham area and York before heading to Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts Show.

These are just two suggestions. Of course, there are many more possible itineraries depending on your group’s interests and the time of year you’d like to travel. We’d love to consider a British Quilt and Textile Tour for 2013, but we will need a show of interest before we undertake the planning, booking, and pricing process. We would need a group of 15 or more to offer this tour. If you would like to be on our list of people who are interested in a British Quilt Tour with the M&M’s, please contact us.



  1. I am very interested in the quilt tour – please advise if this is proceeding. thank you, Fran Kerlin

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