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James Herriot, Another English Animal-Story Author

James Herriot will not be the first English author we will encounter on our fall England in Miniature Tour. We will have visited Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter sites in the Lake District before we travel south to the city of York. On our way through the Yorkshire Dales, we will stop at the village of Thirsk.


Yorkshire Dales (photo by Jez Smith)

Thirsk is the village that is fictionally named Darrowby by the author James Herriot. When you see the home and veterinary office of Thirsk’s long time resident, you will recognize that the home and office of the famous vet-author was also the set used for the TV series, All Creatures Great and Small.


Thirsk Town Square

Herriot is the pseudonym for James Alfred Wright, the vet who practiced in Thirsk for 40 years and wrote multiple books and stories based on his life and medical practice in Yorkshire. The BBC TV series, based on his life and work, ran from 1978 until 1990. Herriot’s writings and the later TV shows shared the experiences of Wright, the vet, and gave us a glimpse of life in a small town in England during the second quarter of the 20th century.


Alf Wright and friend

Our tour visit to the James Herriot Centre will provide us an opportunity to tour the home/TV set and witness how the middle class lived in circa 1940s England. The museum about Herriot/Wright and veterinary science ought to be of interest to all animal lovers. It will feel like we’ve time traveled to a different era with the real people we know from books and TV series.


James Herriot Center, Thirsk

(by Martha)

Photo of Yorkshire Dales: copyright Jez Smith and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 license.


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