Posted by: marymarthatours | March 3, 2010

The Minnesotan visits Washington


Mary’s garden this week

Every year in March, I make a pilgrimage from Minnesota to Washington State to visit Martha. And this is THE WEEK. Washington is enjoying an early spring, and my garden is still buried under about two feet of snow. While other cold-climate gardeners are still coping with cabin fever, I have a chance to get my hands in the dirt and do a little digging, weeding, and planting. I’ve always thought that it was wonderful of my sister to loan me her garden in March — but then, perhaps it helps her too.


Martha’s garden this week

We never fail to find plenty of other things to do while we’re together. This year, we’re going on a two-day excursion to Oregon with several members of Martha’s quilt guild to visit the Old Aurora Colony Historical Museum, the Mission Mill Textile Museum and, of course, lots of quilt shops.

There’ll also be time to talk about this year’s M&M tours and to discuss what we’d like to offer in 2011. And on Saturday, March 6th, we’ll spend the day in Seattle at the Seattle Miniature Show. This is a wonderful regional show that we’ve visited in previous years. This year we’ll be hoping to talk to other attendees about our England in Miniature Tour planned for this fall. We already have some folks from Minnesota signed up, so it would be wonderful to add some travelers from other parts of the country. If you’re going to the show, look for us — we’ll be wearing our M&M buttons.


Seattle Dollhouse Show –

Old Aurora Colony Historical Museum –

Mission Mill Textile Museum –


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