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What To Do In London

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I can’t think of anything more inviting than a FREE day in London. For the upcoming Herb Gardens in England Tour in July, we have scheduled in one free day and a free morning at the end of our stay.

And what will you do with all that time in one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world? So many possibilities and getting around is easy. You even speak the same language, well, kind of as long as you ask for directions to the “loo” or “toilet” not the “restroom” or “bathroom”.

Here are suggestions from Martha on how to begin to decide:

  • Consider what most interests you, e.g., art, history, scenery, shopping
  • Ask folks whose opinions you value, what they liked best in London
  • Research ahead of your trip, using your library, the internet, guide books, TV travel shows
  • Make a pre-trip list of the three top sites you want to visit
  • Ask the M&Ms on your tour, or before we go, to give specific suggestions that fit your particular interests

London is packed with all kinds of fabulous sites and activities. I have been there four times and stayed about a week twice. I always find new things to explore. The Underground system is a very efficient means of travel in the city and is not difficult to master. Yes, it is expensive with all its security measures, yet worth the price to move quickly. Walking, while the slowest form of transport, is the best way to really get a taste of the city and its neighborhoods, and OH, what you will see. I suggest a sightseeing bus tour for anyone who has not been to London to get a good overview of the city and the major attractions.

clip_image006 clip_image008

Underground station and a Bus tour at Tower Bridge

Many fabulous museums are free (donation asked), and some very worthwhile attractions, like the Tower of London, are quite pricey. I say, if you really want to see something, be it the Tower, the London Eye, or a theater production, do not let the cost stop you. After all, can you see this back home?

clip_image010 clip_image012

London Theatre during the day and London Eye at night

A number of years ago, Mary and I went on a tour of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland and England. We had free time in London. The tour leaders did not provide us with information on the sites in London associated with the tour focus, and we had to find everything on our own. On tours that we lead, the M&M’s DO provide our travelers with information about the attractions in locations where we have free time. For London, my first question will be: What do you like? Then I will help you find it.

Top of my list this trip: Cheyne Walk in Chelsea; All Saint’s Church to see the Minton Arts and Crafts tile murals; and the Shaukat fabric store in Kensington where they sell Liberty fabric at discounted prices.

(by Martha)

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